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SW1 litre experimental sand mill

Product description
The machine uses a material pump to transfer the solid-liquid mixture material after pre-dispersing and wetting treatment in the mixer into the cylinder. The material and the grinding medium in the cylinder are agitated by the high-speed rotating disperser, so that the solid particles and the grinding in the material are ground. The media have a more intense collision with each other. Friction. Shearing effect, to speed up the purpose of grinding fine particles and disperse aggregates.
Main features and performance
1. No feed pump required, and can be recycled grinding: A threaded rotor is installed on the machine spindle, which has a good feeding effect; the discharge port can be directly facing the feed hopper, thus achieving the cycle grinding. 
2.Double-faced machine seals: The production of materials in a sealed state effectively prevents the drying and drying of the materials and solvent volatilization; double-end mechanical seals, double protection, zero leakage. 
3. Frequency control: The customer can freely adjust the speed of the sander according to his own needs. The speed is 0~2800rpm. 
4. Small and lightweight: Disassembly and assembly. Maintenance is very convenient.
Technical Data Sheet
Cylinder volume
1 L
Main motor power
1.1 KW
Spindle speed
0 ~ 2800 r/min
Material viscosity
≤ 10 Pa.s
Grinding medium addition amount (reference)
About 2KG
Length 600mm × width 380mm × height 340mm

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