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SF400 Dispersed Sand milling two-purposed Machine

Product description
The SF400 dispersive sanding dual-purpose machine is a new product designed using new technologies from abroad. This product is a sand grinding machine. The function of dispersing a variety of equipment in one is the most ideal laboratory equipment for laboratory personnel.
Main features and performance
1. Using electronic speed control circuit, the number directly shows the rotation speed of the shaft; 
2. It is equipped with a variety of sanding discs. Dispersing blades and stirring blades; 
3. Can adapt to different test needs of the laboratory, and or according to the displayed shaft speed Calculate the sand disc directly and disperse. The relationship between the linear speed of the mixing blade and the material and chemical reaction rate provides the correct data for large-scale production.
Technical Data Sheet
Motor Model
U400-80/220 400W 220V 0~8000r/min
Speed ??range
Stepless speed regulation 0~8000r/min
Dispersed blade diameter
Sand disc diameter
Lifting trip
Length 450×Wide 420×Height 740

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