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FLB biaxal dispersing machine

FLB biaxal dispersing machine
Product description
The hydraulic lifting disperser is suitable for paints. Dyestuffs. Inks. Pigments. Cosmetics. Resins. Adhesives. Emulsions. Medicines. Petroleum. Liquid and liquid-powder materials in such areas for high-speed stirring. Dissolution and dispersion, speed can be adjusted (0-1200 r / min).
Main features and performance
1. The slurry is in a rolling annular flow, and a strong vortex is generated. Particles on the surface of the slurry descend spirally to the bottom of the vortex. 
2. A turbulent zone is formed at the edge of the dispersion disc 2.5-5mm, and the slurry and particles are strongly sheared and impacted. 
3. The upper and lower two beams are formed outside the zone, and the slurry is fully cycled and turned; 
4. The dispersion plate is in a laminar state below the dispersion plate, and the slurry layers at different flow rates diffuse to each other to play a dispersing role; 
5. High-speed dispersion Machine with hydraulic lift. 360 degree rotation. Stepless speed regulation and other functions; 
6. Can be configured at the same time 2-4 containers, hydraulic lift stroke 1200mm. 360 degree rotation function can better meet the needs of a machine, can be Changing from one cylinder to another in a very short period of time has greatly improved work efficiency and reduced labor intensity.
Technical Data Sheet
Host power KW
Speed ??R/Min
Lift height MM
Weight KG

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