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SW-1 Horizontal sand mill for experiment


SW-1 experimental horizontal sand mill is a grinding cylinder with a horizontal shape. The grinder is a rotor rod pin type grinding and dispersing device and is suitable for ultra-fine grinding of a solid-liquid two-phase suspension.?The host adopts variable frequency speed control, the operation adopts touch screen control (non-explosion-proof type), menu management, and the operation is simple and convenient.?Widely used in paints. Ink. Non-metallic ore ultrafine powder. Dye. Magnetic recording materials and other industrial sectors and laboratories of universities and research institutes, this machine is easy to use, is the laboratory necessary ultra-fine grinding test equipment .

Note: The material of the grinder is alloy steel, zirconium oxide material (containing the inner wall of the cylinder), and the grinder of zirconium oxide material reduces the contamination of the material as much as possible.?This machine has two types of explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof.

Technical Parameters

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