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SWN nano sand mill


This type of disperser under the action of the slots and multiple contours, makes the ball of the grinding media have a strong collision and friction so that the material is highly efficient grinding dispersion.


Suitable for paints. Inks. Pigments. Paper. Non-mineral fillers and other materials in ultra-fine dispersion grinding, can change the amount of cylinder beads to meet the needs of a variety of different materials, a strong cooling system.?Grinding with micro-grinding media can meet the requirements of high-quality products. Grinding white material will not produce graying.


  • 1.?The gap-type dynamic separator made of powder alloy is self-cleaning, non-blocking and ultra-abrasive.
  • 2.?The WN series of horizontal sand mills uses mechanical seals manufactured by the world-leading BORGMANN company.?Its movement. Static ring surface using silicon carbide, OModel ring using PTFE, can withstand corrosion of corrosive solvents.
  • 3.?In order to solve the special requirements of users, SWN series horizontal sand mill grinding barrel body and dispersion plate have a variety of materials to choose from, such as zirconium oxide. Composite materials, the machine has zero solvent contamination. High wear resistance .

Technical Parameters

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