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Half-tube reaction kettle



Semi-tubular reactor is a typical main reaction equipment in chemical production, in the resin. Adhesive (glass glue, white latex, etc.). Paint coating. Silicone and other chemical products are widely used in the production.?Through stirring, heating, cooling, a plurality of materials are dispersed and mixed to perform reaction polymerization.


  • 1.?Unsaturated resin. Alkyd resin. Acrylic resin. Oily polyurethane. Curing agent and other complete sets of production equipment;
  • 2.?Waterborne polyurethane. Acrylic emulsion. White latex. Polyvinyl acetate emulsion. Woodworking glue and other water-based plastic complete sets of production equipment;
  • 3.107 Glue. Silicone oil. Textile auxiliaries. Textile surfactants. Printing paste. Elasticity feel denim pulp and other complete sets of production equipment;
  • 4.?Hot melt adhesive production equipment; TUP. EVA and other polymerization equipment;
  • 5.?PU glue. Universal adhesive. Yellow plastic. Neoprene. Penjiao. Grafting plastic. Pharmaceutical glue, such as complete sets of production equipment;
  • 6.?Raw rubber production equipment;
  • 7.?Waste silica gel cracking. Distillation. Recovery of complete sets of production equipment;
  • 8.?Paint. Paint dispersion. Mixing. Mixing equipment.
  • 9.?Metal pretreatment agent. Cleaning agent. Electroplating solution. Water reducing agent and other chemical production equipment;
  • 10.?Various types of non-standard chemical equipment design. Production and installation.

Process characteristics

  • Design volume: 50L-32000L (volume can be designed according to requirements.)
  • Reaction temperature: Normal temperature -300 °C or more, depending on operating conditions.
  • Reaction pressure: 0.001-0.5Mpa.
  • Equipment material: SUS304 stainless steel. SUS321 stainless steel. SUS316L stainless steel or Q235-B carbon steel.?Stirring form: Paddle type. Anchor paddle type. Box type. Ribbon type. Turbine type. Disc type. Combination type.
  • Heating method: Electric heating. Steam heating. Water heating. Heating oil heating.
  • Heat transfer medium: Heat transfer oil. Steam. Hot water. Electric heating.
  • Heat transfer structure: Jacket type. Outer half pipe type. Inner coil type.
  • Stirring speed: Stirring speed selection depends on the material to be mixed and mixed; the conventional liquid material polymerization reaction speed is 85r/min; when the powdery material and the liquid are mixed, the dispersion effect needs to be achieved; the rotation speed is 0-1500r/min; Mixing oil with liquid or two incompatible liquids needs to achieve emulsification with a speed of 0-2800 r/min.

Technical Parameters

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