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GZJ-Z weight type filling machine



Applicable industries: paints. Inks. Various coatings. Adhesives. Curing agents, organic solvents and other chemical industries have mechanized filling of liquid materials.?
Weight range: 0~50kg.


  • 1.?The system collects material, discharges, filters, and measures.
  • 2.?Weighing measurement, microcomputer operation.
  • 3.?High measurement accuracy, intuitive and convenient.
  • 4.?Not affected by material density.
  • 5.?Two sets of feeding valves are used to improve the measurement accuracy.
  • 6.?Using a reduction method to avoid the impact of the material sticking to the wall and causing measurement errors.
  • 7.?Automatically control material feeding, easy to operate.
  • 8.?No leakage, no flow, no splash.
  • 9.?Digital display is intuitive and at a glance.

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